Kerassentials Reviews (Critical Warning Update) Does It Work or Fake Hype? (2023)

Kerassentials Reviews (Critical Warning Update) Does It Work or Fake Hype? (1)Your skin and nails need protection against pollutants and toxins. It is not enough to clean them with water every day. You must nourish them with natural ingredients like lavender essential oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, or aloe vera. However, making a blend and doing it on your own is difficult.

We have a product for you that can improve your nail and skin health and reduce the incidences of toenail fungus and fungal infections. Kerassentials Oil is a natural product that can help you fight severe nail fungus so that you don’t get brittle nails in the future.

Below is a summary of Kerassentials Oil:

Product Name

Kerassentials Oil


Skin And Nail Health

Formula Creator

Dr. Kimberly Langdon

Product Form


Serving Quantity

0.5 ounce / 15 ml

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.

Product Description

Every essential oil used in Kerassentials is proven to improve your skin and nail health with enhanced usage. This oil can help in treating toenail fungus and fungal infections.

Usage Guideline

You can apply Kerassentials Oil four times a day. Use the brush given in the packaged box to coat the nail with the oil and with a cotton swab, push the solution deeper into the nails for enhanced nourishment.

Side Effects

Since the product uses natural ingredients, it does not cause any side effects. Also, users did not report getting any side effects.

Product Characteristics

  • 100% natural formula
  • Non-GMO
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Chemical-free
  • Free from stimulants
  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-registered facility
  • Made in the United States

Key Benefits

  • Boosts skin and nail health
  • Helps in preventing fungal infections
  • Slows down skin aging
  • Improves skin immunity
  • Improves nail growth
  • Helps clear the skin to minimize skin infections
  • Protects nail keratin
  • Prevents the formation of brittle nails
  • Reduces inflammation

Key Ingredients

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Walnut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Aloe vera
  • Manuka Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Organic Flaxseed Oil
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Linseed Oil
  • Clove Bud Oil
  • Mineral Oil, Other Minerals and Oils


Starts at $69

Money-back guarantee

60-day money-back guarantee

How to Buy

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What Is Kerassentials Oil? What Does It Do?

Kerassentials is a special product that uses a doctor-formulated blend to maintain healthy skin and nails in individuals. If you have been suffering from poor nail and skin health, this product can help you greatly.

All Kerassentials ingredients are derived from trusted sources to help you treat nail fungus. These natural ingredients include lemongrass, clove, lavender, aloe vera, tea tree, almond, vitamin E, organic flaxseed and other essential oils.

The formula of Kerassentials Oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce fungal infections. This toenail fungus oil is extremely beneficial for those individuals who don’t want to take antibiotics to get rid of toenail fungus. Since it only contains natural ingredients, it promotes nail growth without causing any side effects.

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About The Brand

Kerassentials is produced by a leading brand in the wellness sector that makes supplements in clean facilities under constant supervision by medical experts. The brand follows industry standards to make products to ensure maximum safety, purity and quality.

According to the official website of Kerassentials, this supplement can keep your nail and skin healthy so that you don’t get fungal infections that can lead to the growth of nail fungus in and around your nails and skin.

Characteristics Of Kerassentials Oil

The Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator is unlike anything you have ever used. This product is packed with several characteristics to provide a rewarding experience to individuals. The highlights of this nail supplement:

  • The Kerassentials nail health formula uses 100% natural ingredients in its formula to keep your nails and skin healthy.
  • This toenail fungus oil is a doctor-formulated blend which makes it more trustworthy.
  • Kerassentials targets the root cause of unhealthy nails without using GMOs, chemicals and stimulants.
  • Every bottle of Kerassentials comes with an enclosed brush applicator and a cotton swab to enable you to keep your nails healthy.
  • Kerassentials is one of the few products that can purportedly protect nail keratin.
  • There are hundreds of Kerassentials reviews on the official website of the product.
  • You get a 100% money-back guarantee with every order of Kerassentials.
  • Kerassentials is manufactured in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility in the US.

How Does Kerassentials Oil Work To Improve Your Nail and Skin Health?

Kerassentials uses a potent blend of several natural ingredients to nourish you so that you can have impeccable nail and skin health. These carefully selected ingredients include organic flaxseed, lavender, aloe vera, tea tree, lemongrass, vitamin E and clove oils.

Kerassentials ingredients can help in maintaining healthy skin by supporting it to rebuild itself. This supplement contains strong antifungal properties that can target the root cause of fungal infections so that you retain healthy nails.

Apart from treating toenail fungus, this product also reduces itchiness and soothes irritated skin, making your nails healthier. Very soon after applying this oil, you can find the nail fungus disappearing.

Kerassentials can enhance your nail health by replacing damaged areas. It can preserve your nail keratin so that you can enjoy healthy nails. The strong antibacterial and antifungal properties of Kerassentials ingredients reduce the risk of fungal infection so that you can maintain healthy nails.

According to the official website of this supplement, the revolutionary treatment of Kerassentials can provide your body with multiple health benefits. The proprietary formula of around 13 special oils can extensively boost skin and nail health.

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What’s Inside The Kerassentials Formula?

Here is an overview of some of the many core ingredients and essential oils in Kerassentials that make it work and help provide healthy nails and hair:

Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass oil is an essential oil derived from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant, which is native to India.

When applied topically to the scalp, lemongrass oil can help promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. This increased circulation helps nourish the hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth. Additionally, lemongrass oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce scalp inflammation caused by dandruff or other skin conditions that can inhibit healthy hair growth.

Lemongrass oil also has antifungal properties, which can help reduce fungal infections on the scalp that may be causing hair loss or thinning. Furthermore, it can help balance sebum production on the scalp, which helps keep your hair hydrated and prevents dryness or breakage of your strands.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known to accelerate the growth of healthy nails by promoting blood circulation in the cuticles.

One of the most common problems people have with their nails is fungal infections, as they often pick up contaminants while working or doing everyday tasks. Tea tree oil contains powerful antifungal ingredients that help keep your nails looking clean and healthy, especially if used regularly.

It also keeps hair follicles healthy. Hair follicles are the foundation of healthy hair growth and tea tree oil helps keep them functioning optimally. It helps keep the scalp clean by removing bacteria and dead cells that clog up the root area, which allows more oxygen to reach each strand. This means more nutrients reach your hair follicle, resulting in stronger and healthier locks overall!

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an essential oil derived from the lavender plant native to the Mediterranean region. It has a sweet, floral aroma and is known for its calming and relaxing effects. Lavender oil has been used for centuries in aromatherapy and traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including skin irritation, insomnia, anxiety, depression and headaches.

Regarding hair health, lavender oil can be used as a natural remedy to promote hair growth. The antiseptic properties of lavender oil help reduce inflammation on the scalp which can lead to hair loss. Additionally, its antibacterial properties help fight off bacteria that can cause dandruff or other scalp conditions that can lead to hair loss. Lavender oil also helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, which helps promote healthy hair growth.

Lavender oil can also be used as a natural conditioner for your hair. Its moisturizing properties help keep your scalp hydrated and nourished, while its antifungal properties help protect against fungal infections like ringworm or athlete’s foot. Additionally, lavender oil helps balance out sebum production on the scalp, which keeps your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is great for keeping your hair hydrated as it’s rich in emollients like oleic acid, which helps repair damaged strands while providing long-lasting moisture. Additionally, it helps prevent split ends by locking in moisture within the follicle wall allowing the natural oils produced by the scalp to seep through more effectively.

Almond oil can also strengthen nails by moisturizing the cuticles, providing hydration and protection against breakages. This is due to its fatty acid content, which helps to lubricate the cuticles, so they stay supple, reducing brittleness in your nails.

Almond oil is also rich in vitamins A, E, D, magnesium, zinc and iron, which boosts overall nail health while helping to keep them gorgeous looking all year round.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a great anti-dandruff agent because it contains compounds that help moisturize the scalp, reducing dryness. This reduces excess oiliness, one of the main causes of dandruff. Applying this natural product to your scalp regularly will help keep your scalp healthy, eliminating dandruff in the process.

One benefit of using aloe vera on your hair is its ability to moisturize the hair shafts and follicles. Aloe vera can penetrate deep into the scalp to nourish your hair while sealing in moisture, preventing frizzy hair that can occur when there’s too little hydration.

Many people also turn to aloe vera for nail health because its natural compounds are able to restore weakened and damaged nails by helping repair them from within.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps improve the strength of our nails and hair by increasing cell regeneration rates. This means that cells will be removed from our bodies more quickly, which helps to replace weak or damaged cells with healthier ones at a faster rate.

In addition to increasing cell regeneration, Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that fight against free radicals. Free radicals can damage both the inner layers of the skin as well as externally with thinning of the hair or brittle nails.

Antioxidants such as vitamin E help combat the damaging effects of these powerful agents by neutralizing those responsible for oxidation-related damage, thus helping promote healthy nails and luscious locks.

Along with Vitamin E, some other important micronutrients that are important in promoting nail and hair health are zinc, selenium, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, iron and magnesium. These play a key role in strengthening your body’s natural defenses against free radical damage by providing essential nutritional support for skin functions such as balancing oil production within follicles.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is a natural oil derived from the seeds of the flax plant. It is rich in essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6, which are important for healthy hair growth. The oil also contains lignans, which are compounds that have antioxidant properties and can help protect against damage caused by free radicals.

Flaxseed oil has been used for centuries to promote healthy hair growth and prevent nail fungus.

When applied topically, flaxseed oil helps to nourish the scalp and hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth. It also helps to reduce inflammation of the scalp, which can lead to dandruff and other scalp conditions that can interfere with hair growth.

Kerassentials Reviews (Critical Warning Update) Does It Work or Fake Hype? (2)

Health Benefits Of Kerassentials Oil

Kerassentials is a powerful nail health supplement that promises to promote healthy skin and nails in individuals. It is mentioned on the supplement’s official website that Kerassentials can help you deal better with fungal infections because it is rich in antibacterial properties.

If you want healthy nails, this is the right supplement for you. Kerassentials has the following health benefits that can enhance the quality of your skin and nails.

Treat Nail Fungus

The Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator uses natural ingredients rich in antifungal properties to help prevent fungal infection. This product may help you treat toenail fungus and even preserve your nail keratin to enjoy better nail health.

Kerassentials supplement hydrates the cuticles and moisturizes the area to prevent you from growing nail fungus. This product can reduce the itchiness associated with toenail fungus. It also strengthens and nourishes your nails so that you don’t get brittle nails which are an easy breeding ground for nail fungus.

All the ingredients in Kerassentials, including lavender oil and almond oil, are proven to support healthy nails.

Kerassentials Reviews (Critical Warning Update) Does It Work or Fake Hype? (3)

Boosts Skin Health

Kerassentials is one of the only products on the market to boost skin’s natural immunity. This product has antibacterial properties that can reduce the risk of developing foot fungus, nail fungus, or toenail fungus. It can also protect your skin against skin infections that come with fungal infections.

All the Kerassentials ingredients, like aloe vera, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, vitamin E, lavender oil and flaxseed oil, among many others, are extremely valuable for your skin and nail health. They are rich in powerful antioxidants that can help your body deal better with a fungal infection.

Combats Fungal Infections In Nails And Skin

Kerassentials supplement improves the health of your nails and skin by strengthening your body to prevent fungal infections. The ingredients of this natural product contain strong antifungal properties that empower them to treat fungal infections to some extent.

If you are unable to find time to take care of your nails and skin, Kerassentials can do the trick for you by stopping fungal growth and treating nail fungus. This product can target the root cause of nail fungus by delivering essential nutrients.

The ingredients found in Kerassentials, like lavender oil, vitamin E, tea tree essential oil and almond oil, have been used as natural remedies for improving nail health for centuries.

Reverses Nail And Skin Aging

The Kerassentials nail health formula is rich in antibacterial properties that allow it to reduce the incidences of nail fungus and foot fungus to the bare minimum. Once the problem of toenail fungus is solved, you can enjoy healthy nails.

This product helps prevent skin aging by providing a lustrous shine with the help of natural ingredients. Kerasentials can minimize skin infections so you can grow healthy nails. It can protect the skin from fungal infections.

Reduces Inflammation

According to the official website of Kerassentials, it can target the root cause of nail fungus and reduce the inflammation that comes with it. While treating toenail fungus, over-the-counter medications often induce side effects like excessive inflammation. But, with the powerful combination of ingredients like lavender oil and tea tree essential oil, you don’t get that.

This natural product has potent anti-inflammatory properties that help treat toenail fungus and promote nail health efficiently. It can preserve your nail keratin so that you stay away from developing nail fungus.

Boosts Skin Immunity

Kerassentials uses a doctor-formulated blend to help you in treating nail fungus and soothe irritated skin. This toenail fungus oil works by targeting the root cause of toenail fungus that compromises the skin’s immunity.

Kerassentials is a powerful product that delivers nutrients to your nails and skin from ingredients like lavender, clove bud, organic flaxseed, tea tree, and lemongrass oils. With the help of essential vitamins and minerals, you can strengthen your skin’s immunity.

What Is The Scientific Research Behind The Ingredients In Kerassentials?

Several studies have explored how tea tree oil, a core component in Kerassentials, affects nails. One particular study conducted over an 8-week period showed that those who applied a cream containing 2% of tea tree oil four times per day experienced an improvement in brittle nails compared to their counterparts who had only used a placebo cream without any active ingredients like tea tree oil.

Another more recent study showed similar results on how tea tree oil helps reduce signs of fungal development around the cuticles due to its antifungal properties. It’s also important to note that tea tree is known to moisturize skin around the nails; this property increases its ability to keep your nails healthy by locking in moisture, reducing dryness and brittleness associated with dehydration.

A study conducted at Chiang Mai University in Thailand monitored the effects of lavender oil, another ingredient in the formula, on 30 male volunteers who had fungal infections on their nails over a period of four weeks.

Researchers applied lavender oil directly to the affected nails twice a day and monitored changes both externally (changes in size, shape and texture) and internally (measured rate of fungal growth inhibition).

The results showed that not only was there a significant improvement to the physical appearance of the nail (in 79% of cases) but also strongly improved functional capacity, with all participants showing some degree of antifungal inhibition within four weeks.

A study showed that applying a 30% solution of lemongrass oil was just as effective at treating fungal infections as applying clotrimazole cream—a common antifungal treatment option prescribed by physicians.

Another study from 2011 evaluated the effectiveness of 10% undecylenic acid in treating athletes’ feet. The results showed that, compared to the placebo cream, undecylenic acid was superior in both improving clinical signs and total symptom scores after 30 days of use. In addition, patients who used undecylenic acid reported greater satisfaction with results than those using placebo cream.

These results indicate that undecylenic acid can be an effective treatment option for an athlete’s foot when used according to instructions given by a medical professional.

In a study from 2010, researchers studied the effects of clove oil, one of the ingredients in Kerassentials, on nails and found that there was indeed an improvement in nail plate strength when measured after 28 days of application. The study also noted that overall hydration levels increased with the application of clove oil, meaning increased softness and flexibility.

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Is Kerassentials Oil Safe For Everyday Use?

The Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator is packed with nutrients from aloe vera leaf extract, clove bud oil, tea tree oil, almond oil, lavender oil, almond oil, vitamin E, organic flaxseed oil, lemongrass oil and other essential oils. These ingredients work in synergy with each other to provide you with multiple health benefits.

The official website of Kerassentials states that the formula of Kerassentials is non-GMO, chemical-free and stimulant-free. All the Kerassentials ingredients are free from impurities as they are derived from trusted natural sources.

Since the product uses 100% natural ingredients, it is considered completely safe for everyday application, even on sensitive skin. The strong antibacterial properties can protect your nail health against nail fungus. This product can also nourish your skin and nails.

However, if you face recurrent fungal infections, it can worsen the growth of your toenail fungus. In this case, you must seek immediate medical attention.

How To Apply Kerassentials Oil On Skin And Nails?

You don’t have to prepare anything on your own while using Kerassentials. However, you need to set some time aside to apply it.

Every bottle of Kerassentials comes with an enclosed brush applicator. With the help of this brush, you can apply the oil to your skin and nails. It also contains a cotton swab that you need to use to push the oil into your nails to enhance nail health and do away with nail fungus.

You can also keep an emery board handy to gently file the surface of the nails for enhanced absorption of the oil. Make sure not to file the nail surface abrasively, as it can worsen the nail fungus.

According to the official website of Kerassentials, you need to use this oil four times a day to treat fungal infections and prevent toenail fungus successfully.

If you are not comfortable applying even the best natural remedies, you can apply lavender essential oil on your sensitive skin and expect great results.

Pros And Cons Of Kerassentials Oil

Kerassentials is not just an essential oil for your skin and nails. It is an amalgamation of several special oils. It uses a well-researched formula to tackle poor nail health. We conducted extensive research about the product and found several pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros first.

  • Kerassentials is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, making it a perfect companion to enhance skin health.
  • It uses 100% natural ingredients that help in promoting healthy skin and nails without causing any side effects. They include vitamin E, lemongrass oil, organic flaxseed oil, aloe vera, clove bud oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, almond oil and other essential oils.
  • The formula of Kerassentials is free from GMOs, stimulants and chemicals to fight the fungal infection that results in the growth of nail fungus.
  • Kerassentials is packed with health benefits that give way to healthy nails and improved skin immunity.
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning you can return it if you don’t get enhanced nail health.
  • According to the official website of Kerassentials, it is produced in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility in the USA.
  • There are many positive Kerassentials reviews available online.

Cons include:

  • You cannot find much information about the brand producing Kerassentials.
  • One bottle of Kerassentials is expensive for most people.
  • It needs to be applied four times a day, which is too much for some people.

What Are Users Saying In Their Kerassentials Reviews Online?

Kerassentials has been around for a long time now. Many people have used this product to get healthy nails and skin and shared positive reviews. Our team read some Kerassentials reviews on the supplement’s official website and listed some here for your benefit.

Brandon, in his review, shares, “I’ve tried many products to get rid of foot fungus before Kerassentials. I even had one nail removed, but when it grew back, the fungus returned. Kerassentials is the only thing that actually helped me get rid of the toenail fungus.”

Riley, who gave 5 stars to Kerassentials Oil, says, “I’ve been struggling with nail fungus since high school, and this is the only thing that helped. My toenail fungus got so bad that my nails and skin around had turned greenish black. Kerassentials helped me with nail fungus, and I still can’t believe how great it worked!”

Elizah, who enjoys her healthy nails and skin, shares in one of the Kerassentials reviews, “It made my nails healthy and also supported improved nail growth. This literally saved my feet and helped me treat fungal infections! I can’t recommend Kerassentials enough!”

Cost Of Kerassentials Oil

You can find Kerassentials only on its official website. We suggest you only buy it from this marketplace to receive an authentic product.

One bottle of Kerassentials is priced at $69 on the official website. If you want to get a discount on this product, you can buy it in bulk. If you purchase three bottles of the supplement together, you can get each bottle for $59.

Similarly, if you purchase six bottles of the supplement, you can get each for $49 only.

Kerassentials Reviews (Critical Warning Update) Does It Work or Fake Hype? (4)

Money-Back Guarantee

The Kerassentials nail fungus eliminator uses effective and proven ingredients to improve the health of your skin and nails and prevent toenail fungus. However, it might not help everyone get rid of nail fungus. The makers provide a 100% money-back guarantee if the product fails to provide healthy nails.

Kerassentials comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee on all orders. If the product fails to treat toenail fungus in your body, you can claim a refund from the brand within 60 days of your purchase.

It is important to note that this money-back guarantee is available only on the product’s official website.


We came across many questions regarding Kerassentials. We have answered most of these questions with the help of the product’s official website and user reviews.

How Can You Know Whether Kerassentials Supplement Is Right For You?

If you suffer from recurring cases of foot fungus, toenail fungus, or nail fungus, you can benefit greatly from Kerassentials. This product contains skin-repairing vitamins that attack the nail fungus in multiple ways, so you don’t get brittle nails or skin infections. The ingredients work to reinstate the natural growth of your nails and skin immediately.

Is It Safe To Take Kerassentials With Other Medicines?

According to the product’s official website, all Kerassentials ingredients are natural, pure and safe for your body. These ingredients include tea tree essential oil, almond oil, manuka oil, lavender oil and others to promote healthy nails. However, you must take Kerassentials with other medications only after consulting a doctor.

How Long Does It Take To Experience Results?

It takes a few months until you notice considerable changes in your nail and skin quality. You need to apply Kerassentials religiously for three to four months to keep your nails healthy and prevent skin infections.

What Effect Does Almond Oil Have On Fungal Activity?

Almond oil is an essential oil that has been proven to work on foot fungus, nail fungus and toenail fungus. Almond oil can attack the most resistant fungus to grow healthy nails.

How Safe Is It To Apply Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil, Organic Flaxseed Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Lemongrass Oil On Your Skin And Nails?

All the Kerassentials ingredients, including tea tree essential oil and lavender oil, are perfectly equipped to improve skin and nail growth. They can attack the nail fungus directly so that it does multiply.

Can Kerassentials Oil Improve Hair Growth?

It has been shown in some studies that the ingredients found in Kerassentials, like clove oil and aloe vera, can improve your hair growth by delivering essential nutrients.

What Are The Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel For Your Skin And Nails?

Aloe vera moisturizes and hydrates your skin. If you use aloe vera gel daily, you will see how it helps you manage healthy skin and nails.

What Is Undecylenic Acid?

It is a beneficial fatty acid that can preserve your nail keratin and help in getting rid of toenail fungus.

Where Can You Order Kerassentials Oil?

You can order Kerassentials on its official website only.

Once Started, Do You Have To Take This Product Forever?

It is suggested to order the 6-month package deal from the product’s official website if you have extremely brittle nails. But, if you want to maintain long-term nail health, you can apply this oil for as long as you wish.

How To Contact the Kerassentials Support Team?

If you have any complaints regarding poor nail health or a money-back guarantee, you can contact the Kerassentials support team at

Kerassentials Reviews – Final Verdict

Kerassentials is an excellent product with antifungal properties to eliminate nail fungus. Not only does it treat toenail fungus, but it also prevents you from getting further fungal infections. All the Kerassentials ingredients are scientifically proven to help treat fungal infections and promote healthy nails. You must give it a try.


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Does KerasSentials really work? ›

Kerassentials is an excellent product with antifungal properties to eliminate nail fungus. Not only does it treat toenail fungus, but it also prevents you from getting further fungal infections. All the Kerassentials ingredients are scientifically proven to help treat fungal infections and promote healthy nails.

Which toenail fungus treatment is the best? ›

These drugs are often the first choice. One option is itraconazole (Sporanox). These drugs help a new nail grow free of infection, slowly replacing the infected part. You typically take this type of drug daily for 6 to 12 weeks.

What is the best OTC toenail fungus medicine? ›

Over-the-counter (OTC) nail fungus medicines include:
  • clotrimazole (FungiCure Intensive)
  • tolnaftate (Fungi-Nail, Opti-Nail)
  • undecylenic acid.
Dec 7, 2021

What nail fungus treatment penetrates the nail? ›

Lamisil Terbinafine Hydrochloride AntiFungal Cream 1%

The prescription-strength cream comes highly recommended by Dr. Lipner because it can treat athlete's foot before it spreads to the toenails. It works by killing the fungus and preventing its growth.

Does hydrogen peroxide work on toenail fungus? ›

Hydrogen can kill the fungus that grows on toenails, causing the unsightly disfigurement that comes with this condition. There are two common ways to use hydrogen peroxide to treat your toenail fungus. Wipe hydrogen peroxide directly on the infected area with a clean cloth or cotton swab.

Does Kerasal really work on toenail fungus? ›

No, Kerasal® does not treat or cure fungal infections. Kerasal® can help improve the appearance of the nail damaged by nail fungus by reducing discoloration, helping normalize thickness and hydrating brittle nails. It is important to know that a fungal nail infection can only be cured with a prescription treatment.

What kills toenail fungus naturally? ›

Here are six of the best natural remedies:
  • White Vinegar. White vinegar other wise known as Acetic Acid can help eliminate fungus when diluted in lukewarm water. ...
  • Listerine and White Vinegar. ...
  • Tea Tree Oil. ...
  • Urea Paste. ...
  • Pau D'arco Tea. ...
  • Vicks VapoRub. ...
  • Time.
May 5, 2017

What vitamins help get rid of toenail fungus? ›

Vitamin C also has antifungal properties which help in fighting off toenail fungus. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is considered a topical therapy that can help in the treatment of toenail fungus. It also supports nail and foot health by preventing cracked cuticles and keeping the nail around your nails moisturized.

Why does Vicks VapoRub work on nail fungus? ›

Vicks Vaporub softens and lightens toenails. This makes it look like the fungus is being treated. Vicks may have some antifungal qualities, but it is unable to penetrate the toenail well enough to cure the infection. Many topical antifungal medications have this issue.

What kills nail fungus spores? ›

Effective products include efinaconazole (Jublia), tavaborole (Kerydin) and ciclopirox (Penlac). All require daily applications, and it may take as long as a year to see noticeable improvement. These products may work for early, superficial fungal infections because they kill fungi on the surface of the nail.

What is the main cause of toenail fungus? ›

What causes nail fungus? Tiny, microscopic organisms called fungi (the plural of fungus) cause a fungal nail infection. Many people pick up the fungi when they have skin-to-skin contact with someone who has a fungal infection such as athlete's foot or ringworm on their hands.

Can you put vinegar directly on toenail fungus? ›

The best type of vinegar to treat toenail fungus is apple cider vinegar, a very acidic and strong solution that destroys toenail fungus at the source. To take full advantage of this, mix one cup of apple cider vinegar with at least 2 cups of water – this will dilute the vinegar so that it won't burn your skin.

What works fastest for nail fungus? ›

Antifungal pills also work more quickly than medicine applied to the nails. Taking antifungal pills for two months can cure an infection under the fingernails. Usually three months of treatment cures a toenail fungal infection.

What not to do with nail fungus? ›

Don't go barefoot in public places. Use a spray or powder that fights fungus on your feet and in your shoes. Don't pick at the skin around your nails. Don't use nail polish or fake nails on your nails.

What is the fastest acting nail fungus treatment? ›

The fastest way to eliminate the infection is through toenail laser treatment. Laser nail therapy specifically targets the microorganisms under your nail while leaving the keratin intact.

Is alcohol or peroxide better for toe fungus? ›

Rubbing alcohol has the same germ and fungal killing properties as hydrogen peroxide. As such, regular application can help eliminate surface infections.

What happens if you put hydrogen peroxide on a fungus? ›

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) , hydrogen peroxide kills yeasts, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. The CDC lists specific concentrations you need and how long you need to let them sit to kill different organisms.

How I cured my toenail fungus? ›

You can try:
  1. Over the counter antifungal creams or ointments. File or cut off any white markings on your nails. Soak your nails in water and dry off before you put on the medicated cream.
  2. Special nail care. If you keep your nails trimmed, it can reduce the pressure and pain you feel.
Sep 21, 2022

Who should not use Kerasal? ›

Do not use Kerasal on a child younger than 2 years old. This medication should not be used on a child or teenager who has a fever, especially if the child also has flu symptoms or chicken pox. Salicylates can cause a serious and sometimes fatal condition called Reye's syndrome in children.

Does Kerasal cure foot fungus? ›

Kerasal Fungal Nail Renewal does not cure or prevent fungal infections. Fungal infections of the nail can only be cured by prescription medication.

How long does Kerasal foot repair take to work? ›

PRODUCT DETAILS. Get visibly healthier feet in just one day with Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair. This highly concentrated skin healing ointment does more than a basic moisturizing cream, formulated to help heal cracked heels and dry feet and renew healthy skin.

How long does hydrogen peroxide take to cure nail fungus? ›

Q: After contracting nail fungus on my left ring finger, I soaked the offending nail and fingertip in hydrogen peroxide for five minutes several times a day. After about a week of this, the fungus disappeared for two years.

What naturally kills foot fungus? ›

Many natural or home remedies can be helpful in killing the fungus that causes athlete's foot.
  1. Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) Share on Pinterest Studies suggest that tea tree oil may help to kill fungi. ...
  2. Garlic. ...
  3. Hydrogen peroxide with iodine. ...
  4. Hair dryer and talcum powder. ...
  5. Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

What home remedy gets rid of thick toenails? ›

You can try the following home remedies:
  1. Clean the affected area with soap and water daily.
  2. Groom your nails regularly. ...
  3. Apply an over-the-counter fungal treatment after you gently file your nails.
  4. Apply Vicks VapoRub on your toenail each day. ...
  5. Apply tea tree oil twice a day every day.

What vitamins get rid of fungus? ›

There are some small test-tube, animal, and human studies suggesting that certain vitamins, such as B vitamins and vitamin D, may have antifungal effects.

What vitamin deficiency causes foot fungus? ›

Additionally, biotin deficiency can increase the risk of fungal nail infections and subsequent nail plate discoloration.

How do you get rid of thick toenails fast? ›

Treatment options for thick nails include:
  1. prescription creams or ointments.
  2. oral medications.
  3. laser therapy or light therapy.
  4. injections.
  5. surgery to remove the nail and allow it to regrow.
May 11, 2022

Why do you put Vicks VapoRub on your feet? ›

There's no evidence that putting Vicks VapoRub on your feet will relieve a cold, congestion, or cough. But it might help moisturize your heels and relieve toenail fungus.

Has anyone used Vicks for toenail fungus? ›

I started applying Vicks to the sides and under the toenail each morning upon rising and evening upon retiring. Within a week, the fungus was retreating. Before too long, it had cleared up, and my toenail has now remained fungus-free for more than a year.

Can you buff out nail fungus? ›

With that in mind, I generally encourage healthy adult patients with mild toenail fungus to not treat it or to treat it just using topical measures. For example, you can buff the nail down with a file to keep it thin, so the fungus has less of a home to live in. You should also keep the nail trimmed.

What kills nail fungus fast bleach? ›

Bleach isn't a good method for treating or preventing toenail fungus. Bleach can burn the skin and shouldn't be applied (even in highly diluted amounts) unless a doctor recommends it. Fungus infections often require oral medications or specialized laser treatments. Even then, the infection can come back.

Does Epsom salt cure toenail fungus? ›

Soaking your feet and toes in a bath containing Epsom salts can help dry out fungal infections by killing fungal spores. Add 1–2 cups of Epsom salt to a footbath of warm water and soak for 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt to 2 cups of water and soak a cotton ball in it.

Can you scrape out toenail fungus? ›

If your fungus doesn't clear up at home, you should check in with a dermatologist (a skin, hair, and nail specialist) or podiatrist (a foot doctor.) They may gently scrape under your nail to get rid of some of the fungus or send it to the lab for diagnosis. They can also prescribe stronger medicines.

What foods cause toenail fungus? ›

Diets high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and alcohol feed the yeast naturally present in your body. While factors such as birth control pills or a high-stress lifestyle may disrupt the delicate balance of your gut flora, providing the ideal environment for yeast to flourish and manifest as a fungal infection.

Why am I prone to fungal infections? ›

Fungal infections are more common in places on your body that trap moisture or have a lot of friction. You're at higher risk for infection, especially severe ones, if you have poor circulation or diabetes, or if you have a weakened immune system from: HIV/AIDS. Cancer or cancer treatments.

Does Listerine work on feet? ›

People also use Listerine on their feet to help remove dead skin. Listerine, which is normally used to help prevent cavities and gingivitis, has numerous active ingredients. When it comes to feet, this type of wash isn't used to combat odor, but rather for the antifungal properties found in menthol and thymol.

What kills fungus on laundry? ›

Use Hot Water for Infected Laundry

Use hot water (140°F or 60°C) and your regular detergent for infected laundry. Lower temperatures will not kill the fungus and can transfer spores to other fabrics in the same load. For white cotton socks, you can use chlorine bleach along with hot water to disinfect the fabric.

What is the best homemade foot soak for toenail fungus? ›

Apple Cider Vinegar: Use the following mixture – 1/3 cup white vinegar, 2 cups hot water, and 1/3 cup Epsom salt. Make sure to soak your entire foot for 30 minutes once a day. Taking apple cider vinegar orally may also have some beneficial health effects by working against the fungus from the inside out.

What is the best ingredient for nail fungus? ›

Tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil: Both oils have antifungal properties, and studies found they performed as well as some over-the-counter and prescription topical antifungal treatments. Ozonized sunflower oil: A Brazilian study found that sunflower oil worked to treat toenail fungus infection caused by yeast.

Why is nail fungus so hard to cure? ›

As the infection progresses, nails will often become thickened, crumbly and malformed. Although the fungus affects the appearance of the nails, it actually lives on the layer directly beneath the toenail. That's why it's so difficult to treat.

Should I paint over nail fungus? ›

Antifungal nail polish can be covered with non-medicated nail polish. But, it's recommended to completely avoid non-medicated nail paint if you want your fungal infection to go away. Antifungal treatment will permeate the nails more slowly if non-medicated nail polish is used.

Should I cut my toenail off if it has fungus? ›

If you do have a toenail fungus, your doctor will likely recommend one or more of the following treatment options: Trimming the Toenail Trimming the toenail is usually combined with medication, but having a podiatrist periodically trim the nail down is helpful and allows the medication to work better, says Sundling.

What are 3 signs of a fungal nail infection? ›

Symptoms of nail fungus include a nail or nails that are:
  • Thickened.
  • Discolored.
  • Brittle, crumbly or ragged.
  • Misshapen.
  • Separated from the nail bed.
  • Smelly.
Aug 23, 2022

What kills toenail fungus permanently? ›

Oral antifungal drugs.

These drugs are often the first choice. One option is itraconazole (Sporanox). These drugs help a new nail grow free of infection, slowly replacing the infected part.

What is the most effective drug for nail fungus? ›

The best pill for toenail fungus is terbinafine. Evidence suggests it works better than the alternatives with the fewest side effects. Terbinafine results in resolution of toenail fungus 76% of the time. Common side effects may include headaches, skin rash, and vomiting.

What is the success rate of nail fungus treatment? ›

Studies have shown that the regimen for toenails results in a mycologic cure rate of 71 to 82 percent and a clinical cure rate of 60 to 70 percent.

How do you know if toenail fungus is dying? ›

You'll know that the medication is working and the toenail fungus is dying when your toenail changes back to its natural color, decreases in thickness, shows healthy new growth, and you see a clear delineation between the infected part of the toenail and your new nail growth.

How do you get rid of fungus on your nails? ›

Fungal nail infections typically don't go away on their own, and the best treatment is usually prescription antifungal pills taken by mouth. In severe cases, a healthcare professional might remove the nail completely. It can take several months to a year for the infection to go away.

Is flaxseed oil good for toenail fungus? ›

Organic flaxseed oil also has antifungal properties that can help with toenail fungus treatment. Because of its antifungal properties, DL-alpha-tocopherol may aid in the treatment of nail fungus, according to research. The ingredient can also help to protect your cuticle and moisturize your nail.

Where is KerasSentials produced? ›

Kerassentials oil is produced in a food and drug administration registered facility. It is a GMP-certified and GMO-free essential oil that is exclusively prepared in the USA.

What kills toenail fungus the fastest? ›

The fastest way to eliminate the infection is through toenail laser treatment. Laser nail therapy specifically targets the microorganisms under your nail while leaving the keratin intact. In just a few treatments, the infection can be entirely eliminated.

How do you get rid of toenail fungus permanently? ›

Taking antifungal pills for two months can cure an infection under the fingernails. Usually three months of treatment cures a toenail fungal infection. Antifungal pills, however, can cause side effects. Your dermatologist will watch you closely.

Is Vicks VapoRub rub good for fungal nail infections? ›

Although designed for cough suppression, its active ingredients (camphor and eucalyptus oil) may help treat toenail fungus. A 2011 study found that Vicks VapoRub had a “positive clinical effect” in treating toenail fungus. To use, apply a small amount of Vicks VapoRub to the affected area at least once a day.

What are 4 essential oils for toenail fungus? ›

Other essential oils that may eliminate toenail fungus and prevent its return include:
  • cinnamon essential oil (Cinnamomum verum)
  • eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus)
  • lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • lemon essential oil (Citrus limon)
  • lemongrass essential oil (Cymbopogon citratus)
Jun 11, 2018

What foods should you avoid if you have toenail fungus? ›

Therefore, anti-fungal diets eliminate:
  • Added sugars (examples: cane sugar, honey, syrup)
  • Natural sugars (examples: fresh and dried fruit, fruit juice)
  • Refined starches (examples: white bread, pastries)
  • Starchy vegetables (examples: potatoes, carrots, peas, beans)
Nov 8, 2016

What causes fungus on the human body? ›

Causes and Diagnoses of Fungal Infections

Weakened immune system. Travel to an environment with excessive fungi. Outbreak of fungi due to changes in the environment, such as construction. Introduction of new fungi to an environment.

How do you use clove oil for toenail fungus? ›

The antiseptic found in cloves help fight against bacterial and fungal growth, according to Dr. Biplav Agrawal, Consultant Dermatologist and Immunologist. He recommends mixing 6 to 8 drops of clove oil with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and applying it to your toenail fungus a few times a day.

How do you treat foot fungus? ›

After washing and drying your feet, apply an antifungal product. The antifungal terbinafine (Lamisil AT) has been shown to be very effective. Another option is clotrimazole (Lotrimin AF). You may need to experiment to find the product and formulation — ointment, gel, cream, lotion, powder or spray — that work for you.


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