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One of the most frequent questions patients suffering from toenail fungus frequently ask the question “How do I get rid of toenail fungus with bleach?” Toenail fungus often referred to as onychomycosis is among the most common nail conditions that affects about one in four people within the USA and Europe. The toenail is left with quite a shabby look (nail coloration and thickening and even crumbling) and can be very painful.

Every year, millions dollars are invested in treatments for nail fungus. Despite all this spending, nail fungus can be difficult to be treated and has a frequent occurrence. The primary reason for nail fungus lies in the absence of proper care for your nails. It can be a sign of a health problem. However, can be eliminated toenail fungus by bleaching it? This is the question this article will attempt to address.

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There aren’t many options to guarantee an all-encompassing and long-lasting solution to the problem of nail fungus. The reason people seek to get rid of fungus on their toes using bleach is due to the acclaim of nail fungus. In addition, the home remedies are usually safe for treating fungus. It’s like battling the evil one by roaring. Another reason people attempt to eliminate toenail fungus using bleach is because it’s an extremely common household item that is also very affordable in comparison to other treatments. However, is bleach effective in treating toenail fungus ? And what is the procedure for treating it?

Many people have testified to the efficacy of bleach to treat nail fungal infection. The use of a foot soak with bleach is sufficient to treat an infection that is mild, whereas chronic fungal infections will necessitate the use of bleach. Some people have reported that bleach can cause skin irritation. If bleach causes adverse reactions on the skin, end your use and if you haven’t been using it for a while and are not considering using it at all. Some people are capable of eliminating nail fungus on their feet with bleach however for some individuals, it could cause more problems.

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How to Remove Toenail Fungus using Bleach

In the beginning, we must inform you that you can rid yourself of toenail fungus by using bleach using two methods: the foot soak method as well as using direct application.

A. Bathing your feet

This is probably the most well-known method to rid your toenail of fungal infection using bleach since it lessens its harshness, thereby safeguarding the skin.

Add one tablespoon of bleach into a half-full bucket filled with hot water, so that the ratio is 1 gallon warm water per 1 tablespoon of bleach.

After that, soak your feet for approximately 20 minutes. Dry your feet following the soak.

Try this as often as once a day, depending on the body’s response. If the effects are too severe, stop the treatment immediately.

Note: to increase the effectiveness it is possible to include any essential oil, such as oregano oil or tea tree oil to the mixture. Epsom salt is also beneficial to the efficacy of this method.

B. Direct Application of Bleach

You can also rid yourself of the fungus that causes toenail infections with bleach by applying bleach directly on the affected nail. To apply this method it is all you need is bleach and Q-tip.

A few other things to be aware of if you wish to rid your nail fungus on your toes using bleach…

A foot soak might not be enough for people suffering from chronic toenail fungus, so they must apply bleach directly on the nail.

Make use of a cotton ball to put bleach onto the affected nail.

Any bleach residue on the skin must be cleaned thoroughly.

Make sure to apply it with care to avoid touching of your skin. Apply it only a few times a week to avoid any reactions.

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Be safe when using bleach for treating nail fungal infection

Bleach is extremely potent, therefore you must take great care to ensure that you do not injure yourself when you attempt to eliminate nail fungus. To be safe, you must follow these steps:

Start by using a very weak bleach solution and observe what your body’s reaction. A ratio of 1-10 is a good way to begin. If your skin doesn’t react, then there is a way to boost the bleaching ratio slowly.

If your skin is sensitive it is advised not to apply bleach directly on the nail that is affected.

Benefits of bleach

It’s effective in treatment of nail fungus.

It is extremely affordable and is easily available in all homes

It’s very simple to use

Pros and cons of bleach

If it isn’t administered with care It could cause serious skin injury to the skin.

If you’re not happy with bleach’s use for treating nail fungus or nail infections, a highly secure and effective treatment is to make use of essential oils. Essential oils, including clove oil tea tree oil along with lemon oil, are extremely rich of antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal qualities. If they are diluted with carrier oils, essential oils provide an effective treatment for nail fungal infections. They are also natural and easy to apply. Like we said these oils can be included in the dilute solution of bleach to increase its efficacy in treating nail fungus.

There are many effective non-prescription products that contain essential oils as active ingredients. They are also secure to use. The last treatment option is to use drugs, but they are usually associated with adverse effects.

In the end, it’s not a matter about whether bleach can be used for the treatment of nail fungus. It’s a matter of the degree of safety it offers you. If you notice skin irritation, you should stop bleaching to avoid harming yourself since you’re trying to fight nail fungus. Essential oils can be very beneficial and safe options.

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While there is a way to rid yourself of fungus on your toes using bleach, the cure for toenail fungus can last for months using bleach, and can even damage your skin if not cautious. If you’re looking for quicker and lasting results, you should consider using some of the over-the counter products. Three of the top over-the-counter nail fungus treatments are listed below.

The Three Best Over-the-Counter Nail Fungus Treatment Products are EmoniNail, Funginix and Fungus Eliminator.

1. EmoniNail Review

Emoninail is a potent topical treatment option for nail fungus. After a few weeks of use you’ll begin to notice changes in the appearance of your nails. It is a potent blend of ingredients, and some help to improve absorbency of the other ingredient.

The ingredients are Undecylenic acid tea tree oil Glycerin, sunflower seeds water, etc. Water assists in the dissolution of the components, and SD-Alcohol increases their penetration. These ingredients are essential to the successful treatment of toenail fungus.

What is the cost of EmoniNail?

The bottle EmoniNail is about $60, but you will save a substantial amount of money by purchasing multiple bottles. E.g. 3 bottles are available for the cost of two ( Check out the promotion deal here ). The 60-day money-back assurance with the purchase lets you return the purchase if you aren’t satisfied.

Where to buy EmoniNail?

The most secure place to purchase Emoninail is through its official web site. When you buy from their official website, there is the least chance of purchasing an imitation product as well as the 60-day guarantee on money back guarantees your money is secure.

Click Here to Buy Emoninail via Their Official Website

2. Funginix Review

Funginix is among the most effective and effective over-the counter remedies for treating fungus of the toenail. It’s a fantastic treatment option for moderate fungal conditions. A brush for application is included in the box to facilitate easy and secure application of the treatment to every crevice and corner of the nail. The ingredients are:

Undecylenic Acid: This is the most active ingredient of Funginix. This alters the pH level of the nail’s region and creates an environment that is unsuitable for Fungus. It assists in the elimination of the infection and decreases the possibility of recurrence.

Tea tree oil is an antifungal that has been used for centuries and antimicrobial ingredient that is used in the treatment of a range of diseases, including fungus that causes toenails. Tea tree oil is employed in its own way for treating fungus of the toenail which highlights its power. The careful combination of other ingredients that are powerful makes the treatment of fungus in the toenails much faster and more efficient. It also includes a number of essential oils as well as camphor.

How fast does Funginix act?

Funginix is highly effective and results very quickly. Some users will see changes after about a week. Keep the treatment going until the normality of the nail is fully restored. This can take several months.

What is the cost of Funginix?

The bottle that contains Funginix for a month’s worth of treatment costs around $23 however if you purchase three bottles, you’ll be able to get them at the cost that’s two ( click here to check out the Buy 3 Get 1 free offer ). Five bottles are sold for the cost for three bottles. It is therefore recommended to purchase multiple bottles as the treatment may require a couple of months. A 60-day guarantee on money back is available which means you will get your money back in the event that you are not satisfied for 60-days after purchase.

Notice: Funginix can be used along with oral solutions to accelerate the treatment of serious fungal infections.

Where to buy Funginix?

The best way to purchase Funginix is on Funginix’s official website. If you purchase it elsewhere, you run the risk of losing since you could purchase an unauthentic product or at higher prices.

Click Here to Go To Funginix’s Website

3. Fungus Eliminator

Despite the stigmatizing character of the toenail fungus Fungus Eliminator is an effective treatment option, making it one of the most effective options available. It is produced through Pure Health Research, a business with a reputable name and a stellar. It is a safe over-the counter diet supplement that is designed to eradicate fungal infections right from the source. Many powerful ingredients that are approved for treatment of fungal infections are incorporated to provide more efficient and quicker results.

Insulin’s effectiveness as the Fungus Eliminator is dependent on the absorption rate of the ingredients in the body of the user. The health of the digestive system are improved with insulin which provides an opportunity for greater absorption of other ingredients that help to eliminate the fungus that causes toenails.

Turmeric: For centuries it has been proven to be effective and potent in treating fungal infections. It assists the body in develop a formidable resistance to pathogens and improves the immune system.

Bioperine: This component is used to increase its anti-inflammatory qualities of turmeric by increasing its bioavailability. It comes from black pepper, and increases the efficacy in Fungus Eliminator for treating toenail fungus.

Gut balance is crucial in the fight against infections. Probiotics aid in maintaining a healthy gut bacteria balance, thereby establishing an improved immune system and leading a healthier lifestyle.

How safe is Fungus Eliminator?

The ingredients used included in this diet supplement are organic, so all concerns about safety are eliminated, in contrast to nail fungus medications that typically cause side effects and need tests prior to use.

What is the cost of Fungus Eliminator?

Despite its effectiveness treating nail fungus Fungus Eliminator is very affordable. The bottle Fungus Eliminator costs about $40 but discounts are available for several purchases. Three bottles will cost you just $102, or $34 for each bottle ( Click here to view the promotion). A bottle will cost only $29 when you purchase a six-bottle set.

Where to buy Fungus Eliminator?

You can purchase Fungus Eliminator via their official Amazon store, which eliminates the possibility of a breach.

Click Here To Visit Fungus Eliminator’s Official Store

Notice: Fungus Eliminator is recommended for serious cases of fungal infections due to its ability to eliminate fungal infections at the source.


What kills nail fungus fast bleach? ›

Bleach isn't a good method for treating or preventing toenail fungus. Bleach can burn the skin and shouldn't be applied (even in highly diluted amounts) unless a doctor recommends it. Fungus infections often require oral medications or specialized laser treatments. Even then, the infection can come back.

How long does it take for bleach to cure toenail fungus? ›

“A dermatologist told me to soak my nails in diluted bleach (diluted enough that it doesn't burn). I did, 30 minutes every night. I finally got rid of the fungus after several months.

Can you soak your foot in bleach for toenail fungus? ›

If you're searching the web for home remedies for toenail fungus, steer clear of information telling you to use bleach. Using bleach on any part of your body can be harmful. Bleach is not safe for your skin, nor is it the most effective treatment for toenail fungus.

What is the quickest most effective way to get rid of toenail fungus? ›

Antifungal pills also work more quickly than medicine applied to the nails. Taking antifungal pills for two months can cure an infection under the fingernails. Usually three months of treatment cures a toenail fungal infection.


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